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Safari Tab Switching adds ability to switch between Safari's tabs using Cmd+1-9.


  • Allow change of modifier key
  • How to report bugs?

    Our bug tracker are hosted on Github. You'll have to create a free Github account. Please ensure you run the very last version of Safari Omnibar and that your bug haven't already been reported before to report a new bug.

  • How to uninstall?

    Remove this file: /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/SafariOmnibar.bundle. Alternatively you may download this uninstaller and run it. Note that uninstaller won't remove SIMBL Agent as you may use some other SIMBL plugin and we don't want to break them.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing, it's free and open-source. If you like it, drop me a line at <rs at hackemist dot com>

  • Why is this not a Safari extension?

    Safari extensions are great to enhance sites or add toolbar buttons but are too restricted to modify Safari behaviors like Safari Omnibar does. To make Safari Omnibar possible, I've been forced to use something called "code injection" which is made easy by the SIMBL project.

  • What is SIMBL?

    SIMBL is a kind of framework to develop application plugins that modify their behavior in a way they wasn't designed for.

  • When I reboot my mac under OSX Lion with "reopen windows" enabled, Safari Tab Switching isn't loaded properly

    This is a known bug in SIMBL waiting for resolution. You can follow its resolution here.